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Information on the new Payment Service Directive 2

The new Payment Service Directive 2, which was introduced throughout Europe on September 14, 2019, also results in new guidelines for merchants. We have compiled a brief overview of Intershop's role in this and which payment connectors are affected and can be implemented.


Upcoming national holiday observed by the German Support Center:

The next following holiday is October, 31 in Germany (Reformationstag).

Please note: During local national holidays, the Jena Support Center supplies support only to After Hours Support Customers. For After Hours Support Customers: If you are unable to reach Intershop Customer Support via telephone please contact our Support Center via e-mail.

Patch ICM has been released
Today, a Patch for the Intershop Commerce Management has been released.
The installation is recommended due to the fixation of some issues.

You will find all information on the referring Product Data Sheet:

The corresponding Intershop responsive Blueprint Store version is 8.1.0

Please bear in mind it is required to perform a DBMIGRATE to gather all changes since the patch level has been changed.
Current patch level:
  • ICM 7.10 -
  • ICM 7.9 -
  • ICM 7.8 -
  • ICM 7.7 –
  • ICM 7.6 –
  • IS 7.5 –
  • IOM 2.1 –
  • IOM 2.9 –

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