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Customer Support News
New Video Tutorial: Prepare Your Artifact Repository Server
Now available: A Tutorial on how to Prepare Your Artifact Repository Server in the Intershop Commerce Management!

In this tutorial we want to show you how to prepare a local Nexus Artifact Repository server as a central tool to deploy servers in a CI environment.

Watch here:
Hotfix ICM has been released
Today, a Hotfix for the Intershop Commerce Management has been released.
The installation is recommended due to the fixation of some issues.

You will find all information on the referring Product Data Sheet:

The corresponding Intershop responsive Blueprint Store version is 4.3.2

Please bear in mind it is required to perform a DBMIGRATE to gather all changes since the patch level has been

Current patch level:
  • ICM 7.10 -
  • ICM 7.9 -
  • ICM 7.8 -
  • ICM 7.7 –
  • ICM 7.6 –
  • IS 7.5 –
  • IOM 2.1 –
  • IOM 2.2 –
New or Updated Documents
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11-Oct-2018 Video Tutorial - Prepare Your Artifact Repository Server
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09-Oct-2018 Guide - Replication of Promotion Code
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05-Oct-2018 Concept - GDPR Export
28A764 | Concepts | Intershop CM 7.9, Intershop CM 7.10
05-Oct-2018 Cookbook - GDPR Export Customization
287U63 | Cookbooks | Intershop CM 7.9, Intershop CM 7.10
27-Sep-2018 Guide - Setup Microsoft SQL Server as Intershop Production Database
287M51 | Guidelines | Intershop CM 7.10
17-Sep-2018 Overview - Release Communication for MS Dynamics 365 Connectors
28V740 | Overviews | Intershop CM 7.10
21-Sep-2018 KB Article - Demo Server for Intershop 7.10
28739E | KB Articles | Intershop CM 7.10
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