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We offer services and information for all visitors. Additionally, contacts of a valid Support Contract have multiple access possibilities: they may read and comment the Knowledge Base, open Support Tickets or download Product Updates, depending on their user role. If you are an employee of a company holding a valid Support Contract and are new to our website use your business email address to register to have full access to the Knowledge Base.

If you are an already authorized Support contact, just use the Email address you provided us to log on as you used to. From the backend, you then have the possibility to change your individual password.

Customer Support News
New Video Tutorial: Simple Setup of a Development-System
Now available: A Tutorial about the Simple Setup of a Development-System in the Intershop Commerce Management!

In this tutorial we want to show you the development-system setup step by step. You will get a deployed development server and access to our responsive starter store and all standard functionalities of our ICM 7.9 b2x version.

Watch here:
New Intershop Support Self-Service: DATABASE CHECKUP
A new self-service is available via the Support Website! The DATABASE CHECKUP enables you to quickly detect potential problems in your database setup. It’s aimed to support regular system checks and maintenance.

Here you can get the full description of the Database Checkup

After uploading an .xml file of the target system to our Customer Support Portal, a fully automated process delivers a downloadable document (PDF) containing suggestions, recommendations and guided solutions for any issues found during analysis.

This service is available free of charge to all customers having a valid support contract – click here for testing this service.

In addition, we also offer a Database Review and a Database Optimization Service.
New or Updated Documents
20-Jul-2018 REST API - Get product data
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20-Jul-2018 REST API - Get product data category
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13-Jul-2018 Wireframes - GDPR
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13-Jul-2018 Video Tutorial - Simple Setup of a Development-System
28K663 | Video Tutorials | Intershop CM 7.6, Intershop CM 7.7, Intershop CM 7.8, Intershop CM 7.9
27-Jun-2018 Guide - Development on Mac OS X
2D8656 | Guidelines | Intershop CM 7.9
25-Jun-2018 KB Article - Reset Running SMC Jobs or Processes
2Y8655 | KB Articles | Intershop 7.1, Intershop 7.2, Intershop 7.3, Intershop 7.4, Intershop 7.5, Intershop 7.4 CI, Intershop CM 7.6, Intershop CM 7.7, Intershop CM 7.8, Intershop CM 7.9
12-Jul-2018 Wireframes - Reference Application ICM 7.10
U28654 | Wireframes | Intershop CM 7.10 BETA
13-Jun-2018 Guide - Intershop Progressive Web App
A28653 | Guidelines | Intershop CM 7.10 BETA
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